Stirrings at mystery house?

It’s not clear exactly why the potentially magnificent 22 Grosvenor Road has been boarded up for so long. But for the past few days a ladder-bicycle combo has appeared, looking for all the world like the equipment of a slightly shambolic window cleaner. Since there are no windows – or at least none with any obvious glass – there must be some other explanation…

3 Comments on "Stirrings at mystery house?"

  1. Doesn’t someone live there? When I used to walk past I’d sometimes see lights on and sometimes the door was open (but this was a couple of years ago). I’m sure I’ve seen that ladder before, too! And plastic carrier bags hanging from the trees in front of the house. Mystery house indeed…

  2. Yes, that ladder was there about 6 weeks ago. Would be a great house to restore to former glories

  3. There is in fact a very kind if somewhat quirky man who both owns and lives in that house. Whilst the coterie may disapprove, his privacy and lifestyle choices need to be respected.

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