Ever wondered why street trees randomly sometimes seem to meet a sticky end? Wanstead historian Greg Roberts did (and got an answer, and gave a hot take in return).

Elsewhere in dead tree news, this formerly living stump on Elmcroft Ave has found a new vocation as an artisanal 100% organic rubbish bin, as patronised by at least one street drinker.

6 thoughts on “Stumped”

  1. A mature tree was cut down recently outside Wanstead House, Redbridge Lane West. Why? The stump does not appear to be decayed!
    The chestnut tree outside Wanstead High School was cut down over two years ago. Collateral damage was done to a nearby property due to the shock caused by the falling trunk. The new front door had to be refitted due to distortion and some double glazing panes are now misty and need to be replaced. Brickwork needs to be re-pointed.

      1. My post above is a reply to Owen Branley’s post about alleged damage caused by a felling of a tree. the link between tree removal and damage described is nigh on impossible.

        I suspect the council are removing healthy trees on the recommendations of their contractors (who coincidentally have a financial conflict of interest).

  2. I agree, the explanation from the council stating that the trees are dead is not good enough. The stumps look fresh and alive when they are cut.

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