No drama in Nutter Lane

Windy Tuesday in Wanstead almost resulted in drama in the comically named Nutter Lane near the tennis club, when a falling tree landed on a white van, narrowly missing a Wansteadium reader walking by with her children.

@janeclapton reports: “The tree fell across the road on to the van, luckily falling on top of the roof and only slightly shattering the windscreen in the corner. The driver and another van man moved the tree to the side of the road.

“A tree surgeon was working in the lane at the time and after examination diagnosed ‘black spot disease’!”

She adds: “I could sensationalise further by commenting that my young children and I narrowly avoided potential tragedy by crossing over to the other side of the road only seconds earlier! Ha ha – technically true although ‘seconds’ a slight exaggeration!”

That’s the kind of understatement that does E11 proud.