Wanstead news roundup, 7.07.10; Toilets, lollipops, and curries

* Among the cuts forecast for Redbridge Borough Council are the complete closure of public toilets and the possible ending of lollipop men and ladies, the latter on the basis that most primary school children are accompanied to school anyway. It does mean there is a possible business opportunity for Christchurch Green, though. A former public toilet on Shepherd’s Bush Green became a trendy members’ club.

* Wanstead-toddlers-are-the-least-overweight-in-the-whole-of-Redbridge shock

* After 50 votes, it’s neck and neck between The Lane and Purbani for Wansteadium readers’ favorite Indian takeaway or restaurant. Voting still open here.

* And finally. This poster (below, but without the number being obscured) was spotted on the old antique shop next to the pet shop on Wanstead High Street. Either someone with a sense of humour and a car to dispose of, or someone put out of work by the closure of Wanstead Sauna whose poster has been amusingly annotated. There’s only one way to find out – ringing the number – but perhaps it can comfortably remain a mystery.