Tales of things made in Wanstead

greensmallWanstead bakers will no doubt be thinking about practising their cherry pie techniques this weekend (they do, after all, have the hand of history on their shoulders). But in these days when people are rediscovering the joy of making things – and not just in the kitchen – potentially one of the most interesting events in the Wanstead Fringe will be about exactly that.

Made in Wanstead: Very Short Talks About What You Love will be a series of five-to-10 minute explanations by people of what they made, how they made it, what they learned etc. It’s going to be held at the Oxfam Bookshop on Wednesday 11 September, and will have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Some speakers are already lined up but if you have the desire to tell your Wanstead fellows what you have made, then get in touch with info@wansteadfringe.org. Fuller details of the event are on the Fringe website at this page.

photo (29)PS. Wanstead Fringe badges are now available. You can pick one up from the counter at the Larder. They are very fine.

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  1. On the fringe of Wanstead is Leytonstone, where me and others have been running Box4Life – for 8-18 year olds. We aim to get kids off the streets and away from the gangs, and help them find themselves. We are also delivering drama workshops around the same aim, with DiverseVoices.co.uk, supported by Waltham Forest’s Gang Prevention Programme. Our work is also supported by Ben Drew (Plan B)’s charity Each One Teach One.

    If anyone wants to hear more about this I would be happy to claim it is partly Made in Wanstead, and discuss the hand of history on our shoulders… regarding our young people.

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