The bin amnesty starts

As the big wheelie bin rollout takes place across Wanstead, so too does the Bin Amnesty, where Redbridge offers to dispose of non-compliant privately owned wheelie bins that householders have previously bought for themselves.

Who knows what will happen to these poor bins as they face the scrapheap of scrapheaps. Nice new shiny black bins are proudly wheeled into their former spots, with the freshly written house number proudly displayed on the front. The old bins must dream that the suggestion they might be used for garden tool storage might come true, but alas for most it is end of their days faithfully performing a thankless task. Adieu.

5 thoughts on “The bin amnesty starts”

  1. I’ll happily take a wheely bin off somebody’s hands, to use in my garden – let me know here if one is going spare? Many thanks!

  2. Our new huge wheelie bin has just been delivered – in the near dark and left outside our gate. We complained over a month ago to one of our ward councillors about the lack of consultation and asked for an explanation of the reasons for replacing our sturdy lidded black bin, including how the new wheelie bins will help to reduce rubbish when they are larger, and how they will save money. Our message was forwarded to ‘Cleansing Services’ but we have had no reply. We are not against wheelie bins in the right place but one size does not fit all and they are not generally suitable for inner terrace houses like ours. Even the smaller ones are too big for our needs. Feeling frustrated and rather helpless. There was no consultation whatsoever.

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