The cows are coming back to Wanstead in the Fringe day 1 line-up

The first day of the Fringe, which kicks off on Saturday, is going to be a belter. Weirdest of all will be a papier mache cow parading up and down the High Street – a tribute from artist Karen Humpage to the days when cows roamed freely around these parts.  Stop it and take a selfie.

Elsewhere, Elsa Arnold, a young woman whose mission is to encourage people to show kindness to each other, is leading the first of a series of events which will, she hope, give people practical ideas of how to make Wanstead a better place.

And the traditional opening big event for the Fringe – the Duke Street Party – is going to be everything we have come to expect: great music, food and company really getting things off to a magnificent start. 

All the first day’s events are as follows (including tonight’s eve-of-fringe Stargazing):