The curious case of Wanstead’s ‘strip club’

The house on Grove Park which is the subject of the application
(Picture: Google Streetview)

A planning application to rebuild a house on Grove Park included rooms marked “gentleman’s club” and “bar” and one with a “dancing pole”, leading to objections being lodged against the plan.

But the plan, it has emerged, was submitted in error and the rooms in question will actually be a home office. It appears to have been a private joke between the homeowner and architect. The applicant has written to Redbridge explaining the following:

“The architect who drew the plans is a close friend of mine and on an earlier draft set of plans, the room was labelled as a Gentleman’s Club. This was changed to a Home Study/Office on a later set of plans which was intended to be submitted with the planning application.  However, on submission of the planning application, the earlier draft plan was inadvertently included with the application instead of the true plan (the only difference being description of the room as a Home Study/Office).”

Part of the plan which was submitted in error