The full 2019 Wanstead Fringe programme is now out

The full programme for the 2019 Wanstead Fringe has now been unveiled, and is being distributed all over Wanstead, Snaresbrook and Aldersbrook. Already tickets are selling furiously and some events have even sold out.

As in previous years, the Fringe is a combination of comedy, live music, masterclasses about food and photography; there’s the Jumble Trail, the open air Kinema, and the centrepiece of the whole Fringe, live professional theatre.

There are three plays on this year – with The Border promising to be an uncannily timely production. When the programme was being put together it looked like there would be a degree of certainty around our national boundaries, but now, well who knows what’s going to happen. The play is going to be right on the button – and you can get tickets below. If you know or have children 13+, do them a favour and plan your outing now.

Tickets for all the events with the full lineup (many events don’t need tickets) can be found on the Wanstead Fringe website which is here. Or look for a copy through your door.

If you don’t like buying online, the box office will be open at the Larder on Saturday and at the Farmers’ Market on Sunday.