The future of the Queen

britishqueenThe site of the British Queen pub – until earlier this year the Queens British Steak House – could be converted into flats after a run of unsuccessful reinventions.

An application currently before planners (Redbridge ref: 2908/14) is seeking permission to convert the pub building into four self-contained flats, and to construct a new block of flats on the car park. In total there would be 10 two-bedroom flats, and two three-bedroom flats.

The Queen’s British Steak House restaurant closed down in the spring having changed hands a number of times since its days as the British Queen pub. Records for the pub on that site go back at least until the 1870s and possibly further. It is currently being used as a branch of Grill Garden.

The planning documents say the goals for the scheme are to “redevelop an unviable commercial site into high quality residential accommodation” It would, the application says, make “a positive contribution to the surrounding street environment and residential area” and “fill an incongruous gap” in the street.

It would also, it says, “preserve a characterful Victorian building for future generations”.

A number of residents have objected to the scheme on grounds including that it would “ruin the character of the Wanstead area” and create noise and disturbance. One resident does “welcome the new development… as an opportunity to tidy the area up as local residents have put up with an awful lot of inconvenience and noise from the British Queen over the years” (a sentence which, outside the context of New Wanstead, would possible constitute treason).

The issue of parking does pose some problems, though, since the plan includes only 10 parking spaces and one disabled space for the entire development.

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  1. I have noticed a new opening at the Queen over the past week , Kebabs and Indian but it never seems to be opening . New name too BBQ Garden

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