The hunt for Wanstead’s space invaders

It’s a brave car thief who nicks something as distinctive as a space invader-themed Nissan Micra. But yes this car, pictured, went missing from Nightingale Lane/Eastway last weekend. Police have told the owner it probably hasn’t gone far. The owner, who added the modifications herself, says: “The car’s worth nothing, but I love it so am willing to do whatever it takes to try and get it back.”


2 thoughts on “The hunt for Wanstead’s space invaders”

  1. We had an old (L Reg) Nissan Micra stolen last Thursday on corner of Halstead & Wellesley Road. No fancy paint job, just red. Had steering lock fitted. Thought it was a strange choice, but obviously there’s something going on. Lock up your Micra’s!

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