The hunt for Wanstead’s space invaders

It’s a brave car thief who nicks something as distinctive as a space invader-themed Nissan Micra. But yes this car, pictured, went missing from Nightingale Lane/Eastway last weekend. Police have told the owner it probably hasn’t gone far. The owner, who added the modifications herself, says: “The car’s worth nothing, but I love it so am willing to do whatever it takes to try and get it back.”


2 Comments on "The hunt for Wanstead’s space invaders"

  1. Perhaps a victim of alien abduction? It may be on its way back to the mother ship right now.

  2. We had an old (L Reg) Nissan Micra stolen last Thursday on corner of Halstead & Wellesley Road. No fancy paint job, just red. Had steering lock fitted. Thought it was a strange choice, but obviously there’s something going on. Lock up your Micra’s!

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