The Kinema returns!

wansteadkinemaThe Wanstead Kinema is returning NEXT WEEK to kick off the second Wanstead Fringe which starts on Saturday 6 September. And with a new venue, it may have found its spiritual home – it’s going to take place in the gardens of Christ Church on the High Street. Tree-covered, sheltered, slap bang in the middle of Wanstead… what more could an open air cinema want?

screenshotThe film will be the brilliant LEGO MOVIE, and will be the first big event of the week-long Fringe. More than 25 events will take place at locations across Wanstead – the full programme is now available online at the Wanstead Fringe website, pictured, where tickets for many of the events can also be bought. Printed copies will be widely available over the next few days.

The Fringe includes music, drama, comedy (featuring Arthur Smith), photography, talks, wine-tasting, food events, more music, craft workshops – and several different kinds of talks. It’s much bigger than last year’s Fringe, and once again is taking place with the financial support of Petty Son and Prestwich.

With a weather forecast which is looking good for next week, the Kinema should again be a magically atmospheric event. You are advised to book early though since places are limited. Prices are £5 for adults and £2 for under-16s (part of this is for membership of the Wanstead Kinema film club). You can book tickets at this page.

And here’s a taster of the film…