The Nightingale: This really doesn’t look good

After a few months in which it looked like the Nightingale Pub could be saved from closure, it appears the attempt has not succeeded. The pub now has a sign up saying it is closed, and all the furniture appears to have been cleared out from the inside. Many loyal customers will be awaiting the next development keenly.

(More to come…)

5 thoughts on “The Nightingale: This really doesn’t look good”

  1. First thing the new management did was to end the extremely popular Wednesday Irish music sessions – often the busiest night of the week. Incomprehensible.

    It would be good to see the Nightingale return, but re-booting a pub or restaurant after a period of closure is always hard, and the pub scene in Wanstead is now more competitive than it used to be.

    1. Hi Richard, the Wednesday Irish music sessions did continued. I’m really sorry that you didn’t realise this. These music sessions are being relocated to The Alfred Hitchcock in Whipps Cross, effective 21st February 2018. Hope you can join us.

  2. Tired of all this “is it/isn’ it?” – closed/not closed/ reopening/ closed for good/ being refurbished / conflicting reports and no official press information or announcements.
    If it’s under new management or not (who knows!), what a way to run any business!

  3. Shows how hard it is for business to keep going and provide jobs with high business rates and Council polices such as parking controls that discriminate against them

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