The return of Evergreen Field… again…

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Of course, it never really went away. The fenced-off field on Wanstead High Street has been sitting there, unoccupied, just as it has been doing for the past 50 years or so. But the discussion about what its future should be has returned.

Regular readers might cast their minds back more than a year when Wansteadium published a set of ideas about the future use of the field. These ideas were prepared by an informal working group of interested Wanstead residents, and brought some planning and architectural experience to the thorny issue. Many of you left comments or sent emails, and these have been reflected in a revised document. The new paper assesses the viability and practicality of different ideas. Wansteadium readers are invited once again to read the paper and leave comments. You can open the document here

5 thoughts on “The return of Evergreen Field… again…”

  1. Evergreen Filed should be used for a swimming pool or Lido for Wanstead – would benefit the whole community, help people get fit and boost trade for businesses on the high street. Win win all round. Why does Wanstead not have a swimming pool??? Please can John Cryer MP and the Council do something about this.

  2. As a local dog owner I use Christchurch park 2-3 a day, now what with the expansion plans for the children’s playground and new proposals for the fallow land it feels like using the park is becoming quite dog UN-friendly!!! There are already a number of children running around the park terrified of tiny dogs resulting in my dog having to be kept on his lead, this is not fair for the local dog community!! Not all of us feel safe walking in the forest! Can’t the fallow space be used as a specific dog walking/play zone???

  3. Why is this conundrum resurrected? The community does not have the money to buy it: even if it did it could not afford the maintenance and who would be responsible for it? Obviously the developer wants to build on it but the CR1 Open Space protection stops him. If anything is allowed to be built on any part of the land, the CR1 would be void and the developer could build all over the land. I do not believe that having the land left as it is, is a loss – at least it is still open space rather than having buildings on it.

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