The strange Evergreen blackout

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Who knows what reason there is for the Evergreen Field to be blacked out with head-height black plastic sheeting?

Before the installation of the sheets on Friday, the last developments on the field had been apparently put up for sale by its current owners. This followed the approval by Redbridge Council for the Wanstead Society’s plan for the site to be dedicated to community usage (and not flats).

In February of this year the current owner, Dalbir Singh Sanger, told the Wanstead Guardian that he did not approve of the land being called Evergreen Field. “There is no benefit to anyone by calling it Evergreen Field. It is just an empty field,” he said. “It’s like someone coming round to your house and renaming it. We don’t want it called Evergreen Field, because it’s not even green.”

A house which was knocked down on the land in the 1960s was called Evergreen Lodge, and the name became popular in the 1990s after the land was sold by the Metropolitan Police.

If you’re wondering if the screens are hiding something, a quick walk up into the park reveals that there’s nothing actually going on there. So all theories are welcome, either in the comments below or on

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11 thoughts on “The strange Evergreen blackout”

  1. Has the person who erected the plastic sheeting gained Planning and Conservation Area Consent before doing so.?

  2. Perhaps they are building an underground car park-some sort of shelter or even a home for lost ET’s – SPOOKY

  3. This is clearly Wanstead’s Area 51. I am fairly sure that the Wanstead Society are reverse engineering a flying saucer in there.

  4. It’s to protect the foxes. They have a new hideout/head office where they can plot destroying the bin bags on my street and the surrounding area…

  5. Dropped ball; this Evergreen Field business.

    I suspect for the Wanstead Society, a wake-up call, that moaning and camplaining (really) won’t always win the day.

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