The Wanstead Fringe is ON

We’re delighted to confirm that the Wanstead Fringe 2017 will take place between 9 and 16 September. It’s the fifth Fringe, and will be by far the biggest yet.

It’s going to include some of the events which have become key parts of the Fringe, including:

  • The Duke Street Party on Saturday 9 September
  • Comedy (with the returning star Paul Sinha) on Thursday 14 September
  • Chris Gifford talking about his time in Squeeze at the Wanstead Tap (already sold out!)
  • The Wanstead Fringe Jumble Trail on Saturday 16 September
  • And the return of the Wanstead KINEMA on the evening of Saturday 16 September.

The full programme which will have more than 30 events taking place all around Wanstead will be published in the next week or so when tickets will also be available. Wansteadium or our sister site will be the best places to keep up with what’s going on – and you can sign up for a Fringe e-mail newsletter here. The Wanstead Fringe is also on Facebook and Twitter.

*The Wanstead Fringe is once again being supported by its founding sponsors, Petty Son and Prestwich, and this year is also supported by solicitors Edwards Duthie.

7 thoughts on “The Wanstead Fringe is ON”

  1. I’d love to attend the Kinema, but it’s unfailingly only kids movies and thus a kids-and-parents event. I get that Wanstead is kid-heavy and (aggressively) kid-friendly . . . but could we have ONE Kinema event that has a movie for the rest of us?

  2. To Jon in the Facebook comment feed — um, not what I had in mind, no, lol!
    Just something that isn’t. . . the Lego Movie. . .

    Perhaps a classic such as a Hitchcock, since he’s from the next “village” over? That kind of thing.

  3. As I’m quite old, I remember the original Kinema which was next door to the George Pub. It had double seats at the back which was quite exciting when we were all at WCHS.
    What is this new one?

  4. Kay, the new Kinema is just an open-air screening held once a year in the Christchurch grounds, on a temporary screen, and borrowing the name of the Kinema building. Sadly it’s not the old Kinema re-opening — that would be great!

    The once-a-year Kinema event is a great idea anyway, in spirit . . . but they seem only to screen children’s films, and I think it would be nice if there could be a screening with some ordinary grownup’s fare — and I don’t mean porn as someone rather sarcastically “joked,” I mean just a good movie for the rest of us to enjoy attending.

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