This was unexpected…

Seeing the Farmers’ Market on Sunday was not quite what many people had expected, although it did appear that appropriate social distancing was taking place, and food was definitely what was on offer.

One Wansteadium reader, Louise, was not happy, emailing to say she was waiting in the 2-metre queue at Tesco to buy essentials when she saw people walking up and down the road looking at the stalls.

All our shops have been fully stocked so there was no need. Also is going out to buy luxury cheese an essential right now? It actually feels like Wanstead think they are immune to this! I live alone and I’m extremely active and close to family, but I’m sticking to the rules with the hope that the isolation period won’t go on too long, so I can start to live a normal life again. I am so disappointed with Wanstead right now!!!

On the other hand, the stallholders – part of the food production chain – are themselves trying to keep in business. It’s yet another of those tricky issues where if there IS a right answer, it’s not immediately clear.

5 thoughts on “This was unexpected…”

  1. The message is crystal clear. STAY AT HOME. Only go out if it is essential. There are plenty of people whose jobs are on the line because of this pandemic. There was definitely no social distancing measures going on when we ran up to the high street. Picking up a brownie or kangaroo burger when the high street is already narrow and tough as it is with people queuing outside of supermarkets and takeaways – it’s just not ok. Everyone has a responsibility to look after their own safety and others. I’m Shocked that this was allowed to go ahead.

  2. Small business people do not want to be working but they have to as no one is paying them. More people will die of depression, money worries etc after Coronavirus has finished than are dying now. Financial problems is probably the biggest killer of people – stress, unemployment, depression, heart attacks, strokes. The financial ramifications of what is happening now will be huge and last for years. We should be more worried about that.

    1. It is a tricky situation. I am self employed and it has been difficult saying no to clients. We all know the rules but I have no income for forseeable future and some of those traders will be in same position.

      HMRC will write to me but not before June regarding a possible payment for staying home. But what happens between now and June?

      I may not CURRENTLY suffer depression and god forbid I have a heart attack or stroke but your point is absolutely right. Some people out there will not cope like I have. There will be some self employed that will have put up their house as collateral, or already up to eyeballs in loans.

  3. Outrageous WAKE UP people stay at home!! Please try a few weeks without your favourite honey, or Californian sour dough, there’s bigger more important things going on! Seriously wise up we need to look out for one an other.

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