Today at the Fringe, Day 2

photo (13)There are two big events today which demand your attention – as well as second chances to indulge in yoga sessions among the trees (10.30am & 11.30), and walking and talking and learning how to take better photos (2pm).

The first big occasion is the Mad Hatters Tea Party Meets Teddy Bear’s Picnic: of all the events of this first Wanstead Fringe, this is the first big family get together. From 12.30pm people will be gathering on Christchurch Green for picnics, hat-wearing and Teddy Bear encounters. Bring a cake if you can, and share it in a spirit of neighbourliness.

And though the conkers won’t be bashed at this first Fringe (next year, conkers, we’ll get you next year), there WILL be petanque. As this tweeted picture shows, Matt – one of the picnic catalysts – spent much of last night preparing the ground for communal petanquery. Come along and try out your hand.

Then later in the day – from 6pm at Bar Room Bar – there will be a Soul, Rare Groove, SKA and Reggae evening thanks to The State We’re In. Those suffering modlife crises are welcome, of course, but this won’t just be for them. Come along and hear some cool tunes.


*Thank you to everyone who stopped to chat at our Wanstead Fringe stall on the High Street during Saturday. If you didn’t get a programme and a badge, you can still pick them up in the Larder.

*Sales of tickets for the open air cinema are selling strongly. Though the Wanstead Cricket Club pitch at Overton Drive  is magnificent and large, there is a legal limit on the number of people who can attend, so if you are keen to be there, we do advise you go and book tickets now.

*And we haven’t yet had much chance to talk about our grand finale event which will be taking place next Saturday night. What better way to mark a Fringe than with comedy? This is a special one-off Saturday night appearance of the Wanstead Comedy Night. You will definitely want to get tickets for this sorted asap – they are £10, which is a small price to pay for being able to see great comedy acts from the comfort of your own Wanstead.

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