Tough times go on

So Wanstead High Street is still seeing hard times, though it’s not all bleak.

The Dress2Party shop, which briefly filled the Snaresbrook shop formerly occupied by Knock Down Ginger, has shut, even though it had a thriving online presence.

Santa Fe, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in November, is now completely vacant, though signs on the window say this is because of a refurbishment.


It’s farewell to the Olive Branch too – which is also undergoing pretty substantial refurbishment and will no doubt come out the other side as something different. If that does happen, the half-dozen or so years that the Olive Branch has been in business should be noted and appreciated in some way.

But two very good signs – literally. The Orange Tree has a new frontage – the kind of style and quality you’d expect in any aspiring hipsturbia. Or even in Columbia Road. And  work is  nearing completion at the Wanstead Barber Shop, near the junction with New Wanstead, which we mentioned here in January. It’s looking smart indeed.

Also Heads ‘N’ Tails appears to be thriving – and is increasingly taking on the role of Wanstead General Store. It now sells a wide range of wools – thanks no doubt to Mas Beg’s wife, who is a keen knitter.

And if you we’re thinking of going out for Mothering Sunday lunch at Provender or Queens British Grill, good luck. You won’t get a table.

5 thoughts on “Tough times go on”

  1. Thanks for the mention. We’ve refocused our store on interior furnishings due to local demand. Love the Hipsturbia reference too! Please do support us whenever you can. We really appreciate the business and as we live locally the money stays in your community too 🙂

  2. A friend of mine is re-locating his travel agency to the High Street! (It’s the blue one opposite what was Conservative Club / gonna be Prezzo’s). Should be up and running soon. Keep your eyes peeled for Darrell James Travel

  3. Don’t forget the Snaresbrook end of the high street. 3 places have closed down recently and a new restaurant is supposed to open in the new flat development. Wonder if “Hasta la Pasta” will make a comeback! The buildings near the station are going to be demolished soon too and I am not too sure if that will improve the area.
    What we need in Snaresbrook is somewhere to get some money out so a cash machine outside a bank or a small grocery store would be good.

  4. I imagine Santa Fe has gone for good. When shops shut down they often say it’s for “refurbishment” – perhaps to fob off creditors for a while? I never bought anything there but then I don’t buy “designer” duds. I’d guess Westfield added to the general economic gloom to bring the shop down.

  5. The Olive Branch is still closed, passed through and its Looking amazing a lot of hard work has gone in after talking to the builders. really pleasant crew they even gave me a tour! But what is actually going on in there???

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