Tree mementoes

Photo: Wikimedia

Somehow we missed the 30th anniversary of the felling of the George Green chestnut tree which took place in December 1993 following an epic People-v-Diggers battle which catapulted Wanstead into the national news night after night.

It was all about the M11 link road – what we now know as the A12 – which cut right through Wanstead and Leytonstone, changing these places for ever but also meaning it’s possible to get to and from the A406 and the motorway.

Some years ago there was a hope that the last remnants of the tree, in which protesters lived for months (and which – false urban legend had it – was given its own postcode), would be saved for a memorial. That didn’t happen, but surely something should mark the event

Local artist Andrea Marsh would be grateful to hear from anyone who has mementoes, posters, letters, leaflets, or other archive material to be included in a work marking the event. She can be contacted through us at

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