Tube drama outside Snaresbrook

TfL staff and passengers watching as police search the line

Police officers rode in the driver’s cab of a Snaresbrook-bound train on Monday afternoon to see if they could spot a suspect who they thought was hiding by the side of the track.

The suspect had been chased by officers on to the platform at Leytonstone, where he jumped on to the track in front of the train which was waiting in the platform.

While other officers hunted in the area around the Leytonstone station, two officers got into the driver’s cab as the train was then inched along the line so they could see if he was hiding in the undergrowth by the side of the track. Passengers were kept in touch with events by the driver’s announcements.

Steep barbed-wire fences line the edge of the overground track so it was not clear where the suspect could have escaped to. Despite the search he was not immediately found, and the train then went on to Snaresbrook as planned where the officers got out to return to Leytonstone.

2 thoughts on “Tube drama outside Snaresbrook”

  1. Just getting worse on the Tube. The amount of fare dodging that goes on at Snarebrook station is appalling. The station is more than not unnmanned (or should that be unpersoned – I really don’t give a stuff!) and the barriers are regularly just left open. Transport police are rarely seen.

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