ULEZ expansion working?

Fewer drivers than expected are driving polluting vehicles in the newly expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone, which includes Wanstead.

Good news for: Humans and other lifeforms in Wanstead and other areas inside the North Circular which are being exposed to less pollution. The zone expanded in October.

Unexpected consequence for: Transport for London, which had expected to raise up to £2m a day from charges for drivers who had not updated their vehicles to less polluting models. Cameras within the ULEZ recognise moving vehicles which are not compliant and charge owners £12.50 a day. TfL has lowered its financial expectations to £600m over three years because of “fewer journeys by polluting vehicles being made compared to original expectations”. (Quoted in the Standard here.)

Bigger picture: TfL has had its finances hit by the lockdown with millions of people staying at home rather than going on the Tube or buses. It’s appealing to the Government for extra funding and has warned that bus routes and even an entire Tube line might be closed to save money.

4 thoughts on “ULEZ expansion working?”

  1. Papering over the cracks. School runs still causing untold amounts. School restriction measures moving problem to nearby roads polluting there. Vehicles bumper to bumper at a snails pace next to unused cycle ‘highways’. Like the one at Woodford New Road , The cycling warrior minority dictate local government nonsense.

  2. Used my ‘non-compliance’ car for first time today since the charge began. Hardly use these days and the car has always been serviced. I have no problem about paying because I am for the greater good of improving air quality. But, what does anger me are the boy-racers in this area who charge around the area day and night, spewing out more fumes in their needless ‘drive-abouts’ than I would emit in a year! Add to that the noise pollution (made worse by many of them having illegal alterations to the exhaust pipes), plus threat to life of people and animals, from speeding and dangerous driving, and we have a menace that spoils the quality of life for all. Yet, these drivers do not have to pay the ‘cleaner air’ charge if their vehicles are exempt! They completely negate the purpose of the charge. And what do the police and council do about the problem – precisely!

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