15 thoughts on “Waitrose rumours”

  1. My heart sank seeing this headline! I love Waitrose but we really don’t need any more “convenience” stores on the high street so I was pleased to read it wasn’t true.

  2. I really do not understand what another convenience store would bring to the area..
    Co-op, Londis, Tesco, the proposed Sainsburys and not forgetting the Global+ just off the High Street…

    If I want a pint of milk I will go to the shop for a pint of milk, preferably the cheapest place as it makes no difference to the taste…

    Clearly you all have more money than sense.. Did you not see the show on BBC last night where a family changed the products for cheaper ones and saved over £4000 a year (pocket change to some Wanstead folk..). They did blind taste tests for weeks on it and the show even went into detail about how the cheaper stuff was not any worse for you, in fact it was better for the Environment because of reduced transport costs etc…

    So, be careful what you wish for. I am surprised we even need a Tube Station in Wanstead, folk seem to be so rich that I would expect them to all drive Rolls Royce cars to work each day.. That is if they need to work.

    Just off for a Greggs Corned Beef Slice!

    1. Of course you are correct. We should just all do as you say. Obviously living in wanstead is an unnecessary expense as houses further out are cheaper and you clearly wouldn’t want to pay over the odds to live here do you?

      Fact is, different people like different things. Choice is wonderful. You are free to buy your milk from wherever you like. As I am to buy to mine where I like.

  3. Why is a Waitrose so welcomed by Wansteadium/Wansteadium readers yet most were opposed to a Sainsburys opening in Wanstead?

  4. But Waitrose would be a useful alternative to the present options. What is the point in Sainsbury’s competing with Tescos? Nothing happening yet with their proposed site so maybe they have had second thoughts? That would be a good site for Waitrose instead.

  5. I too heard this, but it was the owners of dai viet(nam an) who had said they sold to waitrose, not dun Huang. Now that would truly be a mini waitrose.

  6. There is a redevelopment scheme for the restaurant site; not sure if it is new though.
    Who ever went to Waitrose because of what they sell, lol.

    1. Robespierre – I often go to Waitrose in Westfield after I have been to the cinema. Their stores are clean and tidy and the staff welcoming and friendly. I also use Wanstead High Street for the butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers and indeed to get my greetings cards. A balanced life I reckon as I have lived in Wanstead for more than 30 years, travelled up to town to work in the West End and am now enjoying ‘semi-retirement’.

  7. This site would be great for an indoor market /outlet for smaller businesses. like the old Kensington Market used to be or the current stables at Campden Lock. Wanstead needs something with character.

  8. The reason why I would imagine many people would welcome a Waitrose is that the quality and diversity of produce they offer is far superior to any of the other supermarkets. They also have ethical standards which put the likes of Tesco and Asda to shame.

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