Wanstead ‘arcade’: Off to Pickles

A bid to convert the former Jolliffe builder’s office and surrounding land into an arcade with shops, restaurants, artists’ space and flats has been referred to the secretary of state.

The developer, Bali Singh-Digpaul, who owns the sushi bar Sumo Fresh, has appealed to Eric Pickles as secretary of state because Redbridge Council has not determined his application within a time limit.

As we reported in October, planning officials were adamant that the plan should not be approved, saying the plan was “cliched”, a “poor development” which would “harm …the Wanstead Village Conservation Area”.

But Mr Singh-Digpaul said he had based the design on the art deco Shrubbery in Grosvenor Road, and told the Wanstead Guardian: “I’m talking about bringing in local businesses, not driving out current ones. I’m talking to a fishmonger, an artisan bakery and various businesses to take over affordable spaces.”

11 thoughts on “Wanstead ‘arcade’: Off to Pickles”

  1. @Sian Kerle; planner could be a Merkan, although I suspect not, so doesn’t fill you with confidence about the people who have dealt with this application.

    I’m in 2 minds on this; I quite like the scheme for its small retail units, but not so much the small flats. The frontage looks fine to me, on what is an unremarkeable High Street. On the other hand though; will it be well executed?

    Quite why the Council can’t make a decision is beyond me. Some cunning plan we don’t understand? I expect not…………

  2. Issues with this..

    1. Any view from the building will be the lovely overgrown-Evergreen. This will never change because of the… I will leave that thought with you.
    2. Speaking to Artisan Bakers etc.. Are Greggs moving? In all seriousness though, what will that do to the Monthly Farmers Market which my family really enjoy..

    What I envisage is 3 more Nail bars and 2 more Hairdressers… Problem is the fickle folk are more concerned about keeping out Bookmakers and Fast Food chains (I do agree with this) that they are blind to the number of said Nail bars etc..

    I have done some research, I know what is missing from the High Street and I might just have to do something about it! <— This is Top Secret though.

  3. I think it would be great to have some new local businesses on the high street, a fishmonger would be fantastic and a good quality bakery would be well received I’m sure. The Larder is great but it can be difficult to get a table in there sometimes so a decent alternative wouldn’t go a miss.

  4. In principle this is a fine idea. The planners shd be working with the guy to make sure it’s top quality not making snide remarks or just ignoring it.

  5. What’s missing from the high street?
    How about a Woolworths equivalent or a store that nurtures and inspires tiny creative minds?
    How about an empty unit that can be hired for pop up events!
    The list is endless but what I’m really saying is that the village shops should be just that. For the village by the village. Run by good local people.

    Anyone care to break from the drudgery?

  6. I joined Wansteadium as I was interested in local news. Why do we now have lots of nonsensical tweets?

  7. This is a great idea and should be given the go – ahead now , too much time has been wasted; let’s see some positive suggestions and no more ignorant comments.
    See Bali and talk with him you will be convinced that this will be a great development for Wanstead, small entrepreneurs and the discerning shopper.

  8. I disapprove in principle, but realistically we have to meet the developer and make sure the frontage COMPLEMENTS the neighboring frontages. The rest is developers bull….., the units will be a Cinderella like the similar rubbish at bottom of George Lane S Woodford, but he will find out the hard way

  9. Call it “stuck in the past” but I don’t think this type of development will enhance Wanstead High St. It’s sad to see other London High Streets that have changed out of all recognition because of such developments, we’ll have all kinds moving onto Wanstead High Street that aren’t needed, and that don’t benefit local residents, just so somebody can make a quick buck and not really care about its legacy!!
    A part of Wanstead’s charm is that it’s WANSTEAD and it remains the same great place that people love, why change something that ain’t broke, because believe me once the changes begin they won’t stop!

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