Wanstead comes under the Evening Standard’s gaze again

Photo: Kirsteen King (Click/tap to enlarge)

Wanstead has had its periodic healthcheck from the Evening Standard’s property pages. The verdict sounds a bit like an east London version of Trump’s ‘caravan on the southern border’:

“Young families, tired of the hipsterish delights of Hackney and Hoxton, are making their way to Wanstead.” 

Excellent local entrepreneurs Kevin (Wanstead Fish), Fabien (La Bakerie) and Emma (Wanstead Barber Shop) get generously featured, as does the Churchill portrait in the Manor House. Sadly on this occasion, Wansteadium does not, unlike in 2014 when the paper last profiled Wanstead.

So we now have three separate reviews, 2018, 2014 (below) and 1987 (bottom) which Wansteadium reader Marcus Tylor found underneath some carpet.  This gives us an opportunity for some serious data journalism, based on comparing the three sets of price points.

The 2014 verdict (Click/tap to enlarge)
(Click/tap to enlarge)
And the 1987 version as found under a bit of carpet by Marcus Tylor. (Click/tap to enlarge)