Wanstead cricket, 6/7 July

Our man with the grass stains writes:

“Summer arrived, as did some great perfomances. The outstanding Wanstead outcome was Bilal Patel’s unbeaten century in the 6th XI win over Epping. Adding injury to injury, three Epping players were unfortunate enough to have to leave the field.

In the 5th team Sriram Pathmarajah continued his run of form, and his habit of not buying a celebratory jug of beer, with a half-century in the win at Stanford le Hope. Brentwood hosted the 4th XI, hoisted a huge total, and hampered the Herons’ chance of a win with unhurried tactics.

Hutton’s Frazer Bradshaw bashed Wanstead 3rd team’s bowling for a stunning hundred, taking an especial liking to Alan Lord’s generosity, but the other bowlers held firm to force a victory, redemption coming from James Fitzgerald’s five wickets.

The 2nd team came second and the 1st team first in their respective matches against Colchester & East Essex. Nikunj Velani, with a fifty, emerges with credit in the former game, and Fayyaz Khan (right), clearly not a product of the youth policy of Wanstead or of any other club, clamped Colchester with five wickets.

The Heronettes, Wanstead’s ladies’ team, topped the lot with a tie in a Twenty/20 match against Old Actonians.”