Wanstead cyclist update

20110708-055909.jpgWanstead cyclist Carole Edrich wrote here last week that following her own chemotherapy, she was going to cycle to Trim in Ireland, all in aid of a charity which provides adapted bikes and tricycles for children who have had cancer. Here is an update from the saddle:

Thanks to Clair, a leggy redhead on the ferry, I got to Kelly’s Spa
Resort Hotel without getting lost at all. That’s a first on the trip
as my sense of direction, ability to remember directions, or distinguish
left from right disappears with fatigue.

The locally sourced food here at Kelly’s is fantastic and I watched a
spectacular sunrise over the Irish sea from my bed before feeling
shamed into getting up by the sound of early rising guests.

The journey so far started with a ride to the mainline station and the
train to Weybridge. After that, the bike route went through Newbury,
Chippenham (overnight at Guyers House, a beautifully maintained
romantic destination with gorgeous gardens, attentive staff and a
wonderful attention to detail), then Bath, Bristol, Newport, Hereford,
Hay-On-Wye (here, at the Westview Guest House I was looked after by
the owners, a couple passionately and intelligently dedicated to
minimizing their carbon footprint, driving Porsches and who provide
warm, friendly and superior holiday lodgings).

My lack of fitness is frustrating and I struggle daily with the
distances involved, especially when there are hills. Memories of
riding through Argentina before cancer have a dreamlike clarity
and I’m determined to get that level of fitness back even though, for
now, this ride to Ireland may have been far too ambitious.

My laptop is dead even though I’ve carried it on my back and so is my
phone charger (which I didn’t). Common sense says I’m getting fitter
although my legs feel like jelly and I’m never sure I’ll make the day’s

Two friends are sponsoring me for the millimeters I lose from my
waist. So much exercise means I’m hungry all the time and so far the
food has been extremely good. This wasn’t something I took into
account when I posted the appeal on www.justgiving.com/CyclistOnChemo
– if things don’t change I may have to pay them!

Donations can be made via www.justgiving.com/CyclistOnChemo or you can text a donation