Wanstead digs deep

Pic: Wanstead Village Councillors, Facebook

A crowdfunding effort to make good the damage to the playground in Christchurch Green following a fire last month has raised more than £5,000 from Wanstead residents.

It was much more than was needed to replace the equipment (and squidgy ground) and, as promised by the crowdfunded’s organiser Paul Canal, the surplus has been donated to the Wanstead Fringe to help fund this year’s activities.

Giles Wilson, chair of the Wanstead Fringe Association, said it was hoped the donation would help fund some theatrical activity at this year’s Fringe. “We’re really grateful to all the donors whose generosity will be further helping the cultural life of Wanstead – and also to Paul who helped it happen.”

This year’s Wanstead Fringe is taking place between 10 and 25 September, with the Wanstead Festival happening on Sunday 18 September. The open air Kinema will be on Saturday 10 September and the Jumble Trail on Saturday 17th.

3 thoughts on “Wanstead digs deep”

  1. Can the next crowdfunding be for the young teens of wanstead. I ask the councillors of wanstead to step up and make a safe space where young people can go and hang out. I propose that cherry tree cafe is turned into a managed space for teens a couple of evenings per week. Come on people of Wanstead let’s be dynamic for those who are beyond the playground. Let’s go for it

  2. Happening to be walking by when the playground was ablaze. This was no ‘lighting strike’ – it was arson committed by the youths that hang around there at night. But, never any police patrols to stop all the anti-social behaviour! I think the Green should be renamed ‘Cannabis Common.’

  3. A real shame. We mentioned the problems such as this when we recently spoke to the Neighbourhood Police Team. They of course have far more to do than can be done given the current resource and profile. However, you can email them on SNTJI-wanstead-village@met.police.uk
    Even letting them know what’s going on can help them build a profile/intelligence picture.

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