Wanstead door-fishing warning

Wansteadium reader Rebecca, a resident of the Counties, writes:

As a subscriber to your news and updates I thought a quick email might be of value…
We were disturbed at about 4am when someone was (we think) attempting to ‘fish’ through our letter box and take car keys.

Luckily we don’t leave them near the door but this doesn’t mean that we weren’t pretty frightened at the thought of our security being compromised.

I just thought it might be handy to give the residents of Wanstead a gentle reminder about letterbox crimes. It’s certainly made us re-evaluate our home security. Keep keys away from the door, even consider getting something to obstruct anything other than letters coming through, for example this. More info here.

One thought on “Wanstead door-fishing warning”

  1. Don’t leave ANY keys downstairs at night, full stop. Our front door doesn’t even have a letterbox but that didn’t stop a ‘professional’ (the police’s term) car thief gang from breaking in and taking our car keys from the downstairs hall while we slept. They didn’t take anything else. The police estimated they were in our house for less than two minutes.

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