Wanstead Festival postponed

Redbridge Council has decided to postpone this Sunday’s Wanstead Festival, following the announcement that the Queen’s funeral will be taking place the next day.

It has not yet announced a new date for the festival but is hoping to find an alternative in the next few weeks.

Most Wanstead Fringe events are going ahead, including Saturday’s Jumble Trail. However the decision has been taken to cancel Sunday night’s comedy night with Jeff Innocent.

Fringe comedy impresario Jon Fentiman said: “Good live comedy is normally great, life affirming entertainment. However, putting on a comedy night on the eve of the Queen’s funeral just doesn’t feel right.

“It has been a difficult decision, but I have decided to cancel this Sunday’s Wanstead Fringe Comedy Night at Eton Manor Rugby Club. I sincerely apologise to all those people who have purchased tickets. They will receive a full refund or alternatively may exchange their purchased tickets for the Wanstead Fringe Comedy Night at Eton Manor on the following Sunday, 25th September, which will be going ahead as planned, with Mark Simmons headlining.”

Ticket holders will be contacted directly.

Thursday night’s visit from Costa Book Award-winning poet Hannah Lowe, who was scheduled to speak at Wanstead Library as part of Wanstead Book Festival, has also been postponed. Again, ticket holders will be contacted directly.

3 thoughts on “Wanstead Festival postponed”

  1. I always thought the focus of the Wanstead Festival was that it is community based and supportive of those in need of help. And this year Christ Church was due to open its doors to flowers and music. With dogs involved and classic cars, would our late Queen really have objected to a spot of fund-raising for good causes? Surely with a couple of tweaks, there could have been a move to incorporate our national sorrow into a worthwhile day for all residents?
    Not sure who in Redbridge Council made this decision or how it was decided upon for the inhabitants of Wanstead.
    I’d be interested to learn of other’s opinions – be they for or against.

  2. So glad. Imagine how disrespectful it would have been… local community coming together once a year; enjoying food, music and each other’s company; kids out in the fresh air trying new activities. Doesn’t bear thinking about. And as for the display of classic cars…

  3. Good call. Can you imagine… the local community coming together, enjoying food and music, kids outdoors trying new activities, classic cars lined up in a row! – how disrespectful that would have been.

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