Wanstead Fringe Jumble Trail bookings now open

The Wanstead Fringe is returning (in case you hadn’t heard), and as in previous years the Jumble Trail is going to be one of the biggest events. As with the 2019 Trail, there’s going to be an emphasis on re-using, recycling and repairing.

As well as the chance to recycle your no-longer-wanted household belongings, there will be an expert team of seamstresses offering a drop-off service to do small clothing repairs. And a plant clinic hosted by Wanstead Community Gardeners will answer any questions about indoor or outdoor plants.

To take part, book your place via the Wanstead Fringe website. Proceeds will be shared between local primary school PTAs.


2 thoughts on “Wanstead Fringe Jumble Trail bookings now open”

  1. What a palavar to simply register for the Jumble Trail. I shall simply let friends and neighbours know that I am doing the trail (for Charity) and put my own posters up. In the past the organisers have not made it at all clear which streets are taking part.

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