Wanstead High St, 1963


Wanstead High Street as seen in 1963, thanks to Wansteadium reader (and former resident) Kerry Renshaw who lived here from 1948 until 1967.

Visible are:

  • Furniture shop Edwin Fisher, in the current Churchill’s building.
  • A cafe, sometimes known as the Alhambra, where Petty Son and Prestwich are now
  • Something called Senior Service, now the Kebab shop. Ideas welcome for what Senior Service was…
  • Wanstead Hairdressers, barely changed, which is what people like about it so much. Kerry says it was sometimes known as the Green Saloon.
  • Some Routemasters, destination imperceptible, but even then queuing at Wanstead Place.
  • No pedestrian crossing.
  • In the background, the legendary Andrew’s Builders’ Merchants.
  • On the left, a sign pointing to a car park, but pointing not down Grove Park but rather the other side of the Corner House. ???

If anyone can fill in any of the gaps – what was in these shops after the picture – we’d like to build up a complete list based on Wanstead’s collective memory. Please leave comments using the form below or email to info@wansteadium.com.

  • Apologies that on some devices pictures are appearing the wrong way up. They must have been working out the answer to the Wansteadium Christmas quiz. (That’s a clue.)

24 thoughts on “Wanstead High St, 1963”

  1. Brilliant picture! Senior Service is of course the name of a cigarette brand, but the shop doesn’t much look like a newsagent or tobacconist.

    1. There was a sweet shop and tobacconist at this location until the late 1960’s.
      The Chinese came a lot later I am afraid,.probably the 1980’s.

  2. There was Ted’s Cafe where the Indian restaurant is by The George, and not to forget thebowling alley next door ❤️

  3. If I remember aright, the Senior Service sign was on a cafe, which has always been there as far as I know, and in those days was called the Alhambra.

  4. There was also a wool shop and a little travel agent where you could book theatre tickets and coach trips – think ithey were both where bambini is now

  5. To the right of Edwin Fishers are Davis & Davis solicitors, next is Alhambra Cafe, then hairdressers, then Wanstead Wool Store, next is Terminus Library a travel agency, Taken from a 1955 Kelly’s directory. The same in the 60’s probably.

  6. Well done Terence. I had forgotten the solicitors. Said “Commissioners for oaths” on the front. I didn’t know what that meant, but my brother told me you went in and swore – bloody hell for instance- and they wrote it down. I guess he was kidding. The buses in Woodbine Place were 101 and 40. The 10 and 20 ran down Wanstead High St. And you could get 148 and 66 on Cambridge Park. By the way, does anyone know anything of Wanstead Prep School in Hermon Hill? Closed 1954.
    Cheers to all Wansteadians –
    Kerry Renshaw

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