Wanstead in the news II

It never rains but it pours. Suddenly ANOTHER Wanstead profile has come on the scene. And that tells a different story to the happy tale published in MyLondon earlier in the week. Wanstead is apparently being ruined by snobs.

Noel McMahon, well known from his years as landlord at the Nightingale, told the paper: “It’s changed. It has lost its village status for what it used to be. It’s still a great community – but the attitude of some of the new arrivals has changed. They don’t have the same community feel.”

The most damning quotes though come from someone the Sun bravely doesn’t name, who EXCLUSIVELY tells the paper that people are “moving from central out here to get more for their money…. They’re up their own f***ing a***s.”

So it’s quite a controversial read. You can find it here. It’s in the Sun, which according to someone who would rather not be named, is ***** ******** ****, we can exclusively reveal.

2 thoughts on “Wanstead in the news II”

  1. Sadly some of the ‘behaviours’ I’ve seen recently might lead me to agree! Yesterday at around 2.30pm I went to City Place Coffee to meet a friend and it was packed. A young family were leaving a table near the window and I went to take the table. They mess they had left behind was embarrassing. There were menus thrown on the floor, broken clipboards that hold the menus thrown under the table, food and rubbish (not from the Cafe) thrown all over the chairs, table and floor around them. The staff member in City Place was amazing at cleaning it all up. There is no way anyone should think it acceptable to go out and cause that much chaos and mess (and make zero attempt to clean it up). Their attitude was very entitled and they seemed to expect everyone else around them to accommodate and accept their rude behaviour! Unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve seen rude and entitled behaviour from people in the local cafes and shops.

  2. The Nightingale has gone downhill for sure , used to be a great pub, as for the shops , some seem to do hardly any trade . One wonders what their business model is .

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