Wanstead in the news

Freaky number of mentions for Wanstead in the news this week.

Firstly there was the sad news of the death of actor Paul Bhattacharjee who, it’s reported, lived here.

Then there was the pardon given to the Wanstead men who had been jailed in Dubai after being found with synthetic cannabis.

After that came the grass fires which apparently took 120 firemen to extinguish.

And now comes the tale of Tamara Ecclestone’s husband who was robbed of a £50,000 Rolex and a £20,000 bracelet. The Daily Mail reports
“…he was driving home alone from a friend’s house shortly after midnight on Wednesday when his fuel gauge started flashing, so he stopped for petrol at a garage off the A12 in Wanstead, East London. He had gone to relieve himself in some bushes in a secluded corner when he was approached by two men who he claims threatened him before assaulting and robbing him.”