Wanstead in ‘top 5 High Streets in London’

gbhighstreetLook on our works, ye Islington/Marylebone/Stokie, and despair: Wanstead has been rated in the top five High Streets in London by the government-backed Great British High Street competition.

It’s a great achievement, which is being lauded by councillors and traders alike. Darrell Toakley, of the Wanstead Business Partnership said: “We’ve all been working hard to keep Wanstead’s beautiful village community and trying to maintain the majority of its independent and diverse shops, cafes, restaurants and bars because that’s what makes it a great place to shop and eat. We need to go one further and win the competition next year.”

The competition was looking for “innovative high streets showcasing the best of London”. The past 18 months have seen several positive developments in the health of the High Street, including Wanstead Fish, Luppolo, Manor House, and Tool Box among others. So things are definitely happening, though even the most ardent supporter of the High Street would have to admit it has some way to go before it could truly claim to be in the top five in London.


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