Wanstead Library closure – what about the overdue books?

Wanstead Library is approaching the end of its six-week closure, which has been caused by roof replacement. Anyone worried about their overdue books, who hasn’t been able or bothered to renew them online, can rest easy. A council spokesman told Wansteadium:

“The library will reopen on Monday 6 October. Items borrowed from Wanstead Library which were due back during the closure period have been automatically renewed to dates after the library is due to reopen. Library customers can check their accounts online or contact another library if they are unsure and they will not receive any fines for this period for items borrowed from Wanstead.”

3 thoughts on “Wanstead Library closure – what about the overdue books?”

  1. Andrew – as a regular user of the library I understand that the whole roof needed to be replaced. The one at Woodford has remained open and the staff have been great.

    1. the churchill room of the library was completely unaffected when i attended a meeting of the wanstead historical society during the roofworks (nevertheless LBR in their wisdom tried to arrange a different venue). therefore unclear why LBR decided to shut the rest of the building.

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