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  1. I believe the road sign RVP stands for Rendezvous Point. It is the designated meeting location away from an incident scene.

  2. Simple answer: It means Rendezvous Point.

    It is where the emergency services would gather in the event of an incident.

  3. To confirm the above comment! I paste the following from another website:
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    Usually ‘RendezVous Point’ . Often used around airfields for a ‘known’ meeting place for emergency services and the like in an emergency. They are also used in roadworks and on the railways for the same purpose. In case of an accident on the railway, it is much easier to say ‘Ambulance to the RVP on the A5 north of Weedon’ and then take the ambulance to the specific site round country lanes, than try and describe where an accident is.
    20:42 Tue 30th Jun 2009
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    it’s a rendezvous point for incident management if there is a serious accident.

    20:42 Tue 30th Jun 2009

  4. What a pity that people have given the right answer – we hoped it meant

    “Restez-vous, please”!

  5. Come now everyone let’s not rush to judgement. There must be a more interesting answer??!

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