Wanstead news roundup, 28.1.13; Parking, pizza, pedal power

photo (40)• Wanstead should brace itself for another season of parking grief. Firstly there is likely to be a wave of protests over a proposal to restrict the area outside Christ Church on Wanstead Place (right)  to “residents only”, even though there are no houses at that point. The church halls are used by community groups, such as babies and toddlers’ activities, several times a day. In addition to this, it is just a matter of weeks until the 12 month review of the parking restrictions on Spratt Hall Road, Dangan Road, and Addison Road will take place. At last week’s Area One committee it was reported that the absence of parked cars on either side of Spratt Hall Road (praised last year by one resident as being “lovely… so empty, it’s like the aftermath of a nuclear war!”) now means cars can speed down it from Cambridge Park to New Wanstead unhindered. This story will run and run. We have started a new “parking” forum on Wanstead Talk for people to discuss this issue.

• Michael Crombie, former music teacher at Wanstead High School and prolific sex offender, was jailed for a further three years at the Old Bailey last week after more complainants came forward to report being abused by him. The Daily Mail reported that “the latest case emerged after one former pupil, whom Crombie abused whilst teaching her in sixth form, was outraged by his request for a character reference during his last trial in 2010 and stepped forward”.

The former Cinnamon, right on this row• One of the best spots for a restaurant in Wanstead High Street, the former Cinnamon Indian restaurant, could become a Domino’s Pizza Delivery base. The chain has applied for permission to change its use. The Wanstead Guardian says the shop plans to open the takeaway until 1am on Saturday nights and midnight the rest of the week. Details of the application are here on the Redbridge site.

• One more traffic update: Wanstead is to get a green cycle lane along Cambridge Park Road towards the junction at the George.

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  1. There is a section on the Redbridge site which allows you to object to the Domino’s application.

    Personally I feel we do not need another Pizza Delivery on the High Street. My main concern is that the property is set back with no parking on the road as it is too close to the junction near the George, which will result in the delivery drivers mounting the kerb. With the plot very close to the bus stop this could cause confrontations between the drivers “Who normally have ‘L’ plates on the scooters’ and the general public.

    I am strongly against this.

  2. Agree with you Martin. We already have Papa John’s and the drivers are all over the pavement and come out at any time when you are driving past. We now have BBQ express with their scooters. To many take away places are thriving while the local shops are closing down. In these economic times we need to support the local shops not the already rich franchises.

    I will be objecting!

  3. Me too.

    Just sent this.

    As a local i notice the high st already has a large chain pizza delivery service and multiple small independent restaurants that offer pizza. This seems an unnecessary use of a retail property for another pizza delivery base.

    Another chain restaurant will promote more unhealthy eating to children who have access to these venues at lunch time and erode the individuality of the high street.

    There is also concern about how the addition and use of a cycle stand in such proximity to the bus stop and the traffic lights will affect pedestrians and traffic at peak times. Replacing a dine in restaurant with a fast food venue focusing on a delivery will contribute to traffic, noise and environmental pollution. Its also common for this type of restaurant to use learner drivers which will only increase danger to the high street demographic of which a large number are mothers with newborns and young children.

    I object strongly to this development.

  4. I forgot to mention in my rant that people are now parking outside BBQ express to pick up food and after 9pm when i have driven past on many occasions, buses and cars get stuck and its causes traffic. Mario’s opposite has the same effect with people parking on the red route to pop in.

  5. A ‘real’ pizza restaurant would be great or even something like Giraffe which would appeal to mums and young kids too. We don’t need another Papa Johns.

  6. Re Crombie.

    The copy in The Mail was taken from agency. It should be noted that Crombie did not actually work at Wanstead High until 2007 as reported. He left the school in 1990.

  7. Everyones talking about supporting local businesses and how we need a real pizza and pasta restaurant,open your eyes and wallets and visit gioberti’s every once in a while instead of complaining about dominos.

  8. Talking of wanting a pizza/pasta restaurant, I have heard a rumour Prezzo are eyeing the former Conservative club now Allied Irish bank building. Not sure if this is a good thing. Prezzo can be a bit hit & miss in my experience and, with their 2 for 1 offers they can price out decent (independent) places like Gioberti’s.

  9. In the evenings I have noticed cars are parking across the pavement next to Majestic Wines and Nakhon Thai. I don’t see why the obstruction of the public footpath goes unpunished! As others have pointed out the proliferation of take away outlets has a significant impact on illegal parking and pedestrian and road safety. The High Street, at The George end,, does not have any kerb parking and this should be a consideration when planning consent is considered by the council.

  10. I have to agree with you Justin. Parking across the pavement at the opening between Nakonthai and Majestic is commonplace and sometimes large 4x4s completely block the pavement making it very difficult for people with children in pushchairs or wheelchair users. Purbani delivery drivers used to be the worst offenders. This coupled with cars parked along that stretch of road from BBQ Express to Magestic as ritus points out preventing buses and cars from passing is unacceptable. It can only get worse with Mario’s and another pizza takeaway in the former Cinnamon.

  11. Another Pizza Place…. boring !!
    Since Russell’s closed there is no decent wine bar in Wanstead
    I think a cool Wine bar, nice DJs is what its missing and that old Curry house is big enough inside. Lets be honest Wanstead could do with a bit of nightlife

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