Wanstead news update, 17.11.13; Evergreen, Philippines, Tiffin

• Councillors have admitted they are unable to do anything about the black plastic sheeting which is attached to the fence around the Evergreen Field. But at Monday’s Area 1 committee (which went unreported by our local newspapers – only one local blog covered the event), Cllr Chris Cummins told residents he would be asking council officers to insist the land is tidied up. He also said that claims that contaminated oil had been dumped on the land would be investigated.

• The inquest into the death of Wanstead actor Paul Bhattarcharjee, which was held on Friday and which recorded a verdict of suicide, is reported here.

• There will be a foodie fundraising event for the Philippines just after Christmas at the Christ Church Hall. Details will follow.

• Times restaurant critic Giles Coren published his list of 50 restaurants at which he would happily spend his own money. The Tiffin Tin in West Hampstead came in at 16th, and so was a great boon for Wanstead’s branch. If only there was a modern, large restaurant near the takeaway which was vacant and into which it could expand. If only.


• The Wanstead Magazine Club, which was restocked last weekend with a lush collection of National Geographics, Monocles, Which and others, was nearly completely cleared out by grateful readers. More stocks arrived at the Larder on Saturday, and the service is to be extended to Angel’s Hair and Nails which has moved into Judith’s former annexe. Anyone wishing to join this philanthropic rehoming of unloved but excellent magazines, please get in touch.

8 thoughts on “Wanstead news update, 17.11.13; Evergreen, Philippines, Tiffin”

  1. ‘Cllr Chris Cummins told residents he would be asking council officers to insist the land is tidied up’
    ????? how can that be when LBR say they cant enforce removal of the black sheeting!

  2. Both my Husband & myself enjoy eating, shopping & going to Wanstead a great many times!
    Now 62, having lived in Upper Leytonstone since I was 21, = endless
    happy visits plus great foods too!!
    Being Brain Injured with the highest level coma possible, I am always in a
    Wheel Chair, past our black gate?
    Would be beneficial if more seating was available everywhere, but on The
    Green, especially?
    Food is never ever a difficulty for myself, as I enjoy life & foods too!
    Thank you Wansteadium for keeping me stimulated & up-to-date!
    I think it is a 1,000 ooo % disgrace for
    our needed Police Station to be closed?

  3. I would have thought a properly resourced and worded complaint could see some action on the fence; can’t be any permitted development rights.

    Councillors (sadly) irrelevant on planning matters; when will people learn?

  4. Sorry Wansteadium – but N19 is not West Hampstead. It is Islington / Camden.
    For those of you who are interested, West Hampstead is NW6.

  5. It would seem that the current owners of the field are working on the assumption that if they make the field as unpleasant as possible anything they intend to do would be an improvement.

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