Wanstead on film


In early December we reported the filming of a TV advert in the newly smartened Wanstead Barbers at the Snaresbrook end of the High Street. It wasn’t, alas, a new Mike Leigh production, but rather an advert for a bookie’s. You can see the whole thing below. Whatever your views on the advertiser, they chose a good venue for their advert.

4 thoughts on “Wanstead on film”

  1. Lovely… Takes us back to the good old days of On the Buses and Love thy Neighbour. Further proof of the awfulness of these high street vandals

  2. Far higher profile ad filmed last week in Wanstead. The latest of the mind numbingly excruciating Santander series, this one with Jensen Button, was filmed in 20 Redbridge Lane West. The production company coned off half of Mansfield Rd the evening before, and I had to park 2 streets away. I confronted the location manager who turned up as I left for work in the morning, who waffled and said it had all been ok’d with the council, but when I spoke to their film officer, she told me they had no such permission. So we were all inconvenienced for the benefit of a Spanish bank’s profits and the residents who let their house.

    I hope this does not catch on. I tried to send the story to Wansteadium on the night, but the spam filter is completely impossible to read.

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