Wanstead Parklet is coming. What do you mean you don’t know what a parklet is??

This is a parklet. Artist’s impression from Meristem Design for Redbridge Council

Work is soon to begin on Wanstead High Street’s ‘parklet’ – a seating and planting area with bike racks and electric vehicle charging points, similar to one installed last year on George Lane in South Woodford.

The parklet – the name Redbridge Council is giving to the new community ‘mobility hubs’ – will be sited at the edge of the pavement in what are currently parking spaces running from outside Harvey’s greengrocer up to the dry cleaner’s next to the Co-op.

The idea of mobility hubs is to, in the council’s words, to be “small scale transport interconnection hubs that make it easier to change from one mode of transport to another”.

Four parking spaces which are currently pay and display will go – two to make space for the seating, one for an electric car charging bay and one for a “car club” bay, ie for a vehicle available for short term hire.

The proposal went through a period of public consultation earlier in the year. The council says most responses were in favour of the idea.

Councillor Jo Blackman, Redbridge cabinet member responsible for the environment, said: “We’re keen to promote active travel in Redbridge, as well as supporting the transition from diesel/petrol to electric vehicles, and providing more street space for residents and local businesses. The mobility hub in Wanstead will provide a perfect way to combine these aims and we are delighted to be offering this facility to the local community.”

Image: Meristem Design proposal for Redbridge Council

19 thoughts on “Wanstead Parklet is coming. What do you mean you don’t know what a parklet is??”

  1. Good luck with this. Would be nice to see Redbridge rolling out cycle hangars on residential roads as well.

  2. It’s just a way of keeping cars off the high street. There are already bike racks and plenty of seating. Absolute waste of money

    1. Agree 100 %. The one in s Woodford is in a dangerous place and just makes life harder. There’s plenty of space for these additions without using roadspace


      ad space

  3. It looks very nice, but why does it have to take up car parking spaces on the High Street when the other side of the road would be better, quieter and not inconvenience people already having difficulty parking when coming into the area by car. My disabled mother likes to meet for coffee in Wanstead High Street but has a terrible time parking. Gradually we are losing all our parking spaces. We already have lots of seating on the pavement, why take up the road space now too. Why not put the seating on the pavement instead of on the road.

  4. Oh great idea having “a parklet” right opposite a full blown park ! Surely could have been incorporated on the other side of the road

  5. Can you buy a coffee? Such a waste of money in these difficult times. Not adverse to cycle hangars or electric points but bang in middle of High Street is ridiculous. Accident waiting to happen.

  6. Seating on the road ? Seems a bit weird to sit in the road. A parklet opposite a park. Again weird. A lot of space is being taken up to sit in the road. I do not remember a consultation.

  7. Crazy idea, with the park opposite, but great that councils have so much money that they can prioritise such nonsense, ahead of cladding and the health of their residents. Cute idea, wrong location. The shops won’t get deliveries, or be able to sell anything needing a car to take it away, or allow less able customers access, so will close. Thats progress.

  8. I objected to it in the consultation. I am not against electric charging points or bike racks. They can be provided more economically than in this proposal I am opposed to Parklet concept. They should make the existing planted areas and seating better before introducing something else that will need to be maintained. How will parklet impact farmers market and boulevard feel of high street?

  9. It might make more sense to have it opposite the proposed place as the pavement is much wider and is used less by pedestrians. Also how’s the proposed parklet going to effect the market stalls once a month?

  10. why waste money on seating on the road you could just enhance the seating in the park
    We do still need to be able to park the high street shops will suffer!!!
    some people can only get to the shops by car it is difficult enough to park already without taking more spaces away

  11. The one in S Woodford is also in a stupid place causing road danger. The sole purpose is to reduce road space. These things could easily be located without taking up roadspace. The ‘pc’ agenda is strangling our world. Is there votes in it?

  12. It’ll probably become another place when seated to get harassed and verbally abused by folk asking for money. I avoid sitting on the High Street Park benches these days because of this. Agree, improve and increase seating in the park instead and this facility can be incorporated either within the grounds of the park or outside the library.

  13. A waste of money – do you really want to sit next to the road when there is a park opposite? The park could have more seating at less cost! I cycle to Wanstead all the time and there is already plenty of cycle parking. We need access on the high street for people needing to use a car, and there will be no extra parking spaces in the car park!

  14. These comments sound strangely familiar to those a few years back when permits were being introduced.
    “If cars can’t park the high st will die” “It’s not fair nobody cycles to the high st, businesses will close down”

    You were wrong then. You’ll be wrong this time too.

    Yes there’s a park opposite. So what? The more green space the better. A nice area next to the shops will be welcome. There’s still plenty of parking spaces available. So you have to walk an extra few meters – get over yourselves. The vast majority of people coming to our high st are on foot/bike/public transport. Drivers are a minority. On the very rare occasion I drive there sometimes I have to park down one of the side roads. I survived this ordeal.

    There’s at least 4 disable bays on this patch and they’re not going. If that’s not enough then you have my full support to convert some of the main parking into further disabled bays, in fact I’d welcome it. Only parking for those who need it on the high st is an excellent idea.

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