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The pruning of London Plane trees is often a startling and stark sight, especially when they are “pollarded”, as with the examples above on Wanstead High Street. It’s a kind of tree, much loved in these parts, which responds particularly well to this very severe pruning. But Wansteadium cannot have been alone in wondering whether just after the start of the growing season is the right time of year for pollarding to take place. We’ve tried to get in touch with the borough’s arborecultural officer to get the expert view, but without success. Anyone with answers is welcome to add comments below.

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  1. According to the RHS, the best time for pollarding many trees and shrubs is in late winter or early spring. However, bear in mind the following: 1: Avoid pruning Acer species in spring when they are prone to bleeding sap. Summer can be a suitable time to pollard. However, the new growth may be poor as a result of the scorch, drought or heavy shade cast by neighbouring trees. 2: The least favourable time for pollarding is the autumn, as decay fungi may enter the pruning cuts.

  2. Typical, probably complaints from the nearby owners and customers from the alfresco diners.

    Shame that the council advocate such conservation of trees on private property and yet vandalise their own.

  3. Don’t worry – that’s what they do in Newham and the trees survived. I started working in Newham from 1985. I’m still working there and this is the time of the year that they get pruned back. all those tress are still alive and so will these in Wanstead

  4. I guess we won’t know whether its the right time or not until the trees are in full leaf. Lets just be patient. I think the high street will still be bathed in dappled sunlight come the summer as usual

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