Wanstead property update: Reach for the Alka-Seltzer

Wansteadium’s property blogger George C Parker writes:

Dear Wansteadians, once again the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is upon us. Horse chestnuts and wild blackberries abound, and the streets are once more abuzz with swarms of smart young people in their school uniforms which are not quite yet scruffy.

This time a year ago, I commented on the opening of the behemoth Stratford Westfield centre, with a note of cautious optimism for Wanstead High Street. It was interesting to note that our appeal for nominations for anyone from Wanstead who had not yet been to Westfield garnered a single response. Can it really be true that only one person hasn’t been there? Surely some mistake.

Overall I think our half-full glass was justified. Despite the economic pinch, there have been some very welcome new business openings – the new ice cream/milkshake bar (or “milshake”, as their banners had it) being an example. Initiatives such as Independents Day did a good job of helping to remind residents about the great little owner-run enterprises in our midst. And slowly but surely, some of the tardier building projects appear to be edging closer to completion. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now that the fabulous summer of Games is over, some normality is returning to the Wanstead lettings market. Team GB may have showered themselves in Olympic gold in a way that some short-term landlords could only dream of. The BBC discovered that too many properties were advertised at unrealistic price levels. Some lettings professionals may be gloomily talking of the ‘post-Olympic hangover’; no doubt a dose of the Alka-Seltzer of reality would do the market some good. However, quality properties in good areas should be resilient investments. Perhaps a family with an eye for ceramic fittings might like this six-bedroomed property, available either furnished or unfurnished, and ideally located for both horse chestnuts and smart young people in new school uniforms.

Finally, as Ron Burgundy once said, I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. But others prefer a more contemporary decor, their La Defense to my Louvre. City workers who toil surrounded by highly-polished steel and glass may find something to their taste here – a superbly located modern apartment with easy access to both Tube stations. Very smart.

• One further point. Dedicated followers of Wansteadium might be interested to note our guest appearance in a rather glossy property magazine produced and distributed by those Woodbine stalwarts Petty Son & Prestwich. If you didn’t receive a copy, I’m sure you could pop into the shop to ask for one.

All of which gave us an idea. I know I’m full of interesting facts and fascinating details, but what if someone had some real actual serious queries about house buying, selling, renting, improving, that sort of thing… Who could give such advice? Step forward John Wagstaff Esq of aforementioned estate agents. Let us have your questions – keep them property-based, please – by email to info@wansteadium.com. John will endeavour to give some answers.