Wanstead roundup, 26.11.11; Festivities under way

• Wanstead now looks properly Christmassy.

• Residents near the cricket ground in Overton Drive will find out on Monday if it will be turned into a big Aussie campsite during the Olympics.

• The Orange Tree in Wanstead High Street says it too has noticed a drop in trade since the opening of Westfield, and in particular that people are not staying on the High Street on a Saturday any more. It has a great website though.

• The Wanstead Guardian does, it seems, actually cost 55p. The price went up three weeks ago. Then last week it went down to 50p, leaving Wansteadium wondering if there had been a pretty pricey cock-up or a pretty complicated deliberation about the elasticity of newspaper pricing. Turns out it must have been the former.

• Gardening volunteers wanted – see pictures…


• You can pick up your own ‘make your own model of Andrews Builders’ Merchants’ postcard for free at the Larder. Or if you really really want one, we’ll send you one. E-mail us at wansteadium@gmail.com with your name and address. (Also the address for generous sponsors to get in touch, incidentally.)


Anyone can add an event to the Wansteadium Events calendar by sending details to events@wansteadium.com. Wansteadium now has more than 1,000 regular followers in Wanstead so it’s a great way to let people know what’s going on.

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