Wanstead swan dies after dog attack

Injuries visible in this photo taken by the Swan Sanctuary

A female swan which was attacked by a dog at Alexandra Lake on Wanstead Flats on Sunday has died.

The bird had bites on its neck from the attack, and had lost a lot of blood. It was taken to the Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton where it was treated for the injuries – dog bites carry an additional risk of infection to the wound. However it died on Thursday afternoon.

The Wanstead Park Swans group posted the news on its Facebook page saying: “Today we say goodbye to yet another one of our swans killed by a dog. This was a seriously nasty incident and totally preventable. She has been with her mate for a long time and this is heartbreaking.”

No witnesses are thought to have come forward to give information about the attack, but anyone with information is asked to contact the Epping Forest Office on 020 8532 1010, the Police on 101, or Gill (Swan Sanctuary Volunteer) on 07970 404 866.

4 thoughts on “Wanstead swan dies after dog attack”

  1. So a dog not under proper control in the park.

    I talked to one of the people who were monitoring the cows in the park last year and she said the biggest issue were uncontrolled dogs.

    Many people with dogs in the park seem to manage to properly have them under control but a significant number do not. They are a menace.

  2. Yes…far too many dogs not on leads!! I am fed up with owners telling me ‘they’re just being friendly’ when in actual fact, they prove to be nothing but a threat to my small children. It is simply a matter of time before a child gets bitten, attacked by a dog.
    There was a time too when dogs weren’t allowed into eateries but it’s a free for all these days…coffee shops, restaurants, beauticians?!

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