Wanstead urban fox takes guard

Even the urban foxes in Wanstead have an appreciation of the finer things. Wansteadium reader Dave Buba reported on Saturday: “Unprecendented scenes at overton drive home of wanstead cricket club as a fox has just run across the wicket before disappearing to the fine leg boundary!!”

3 thoughts on “Wanstead urban fox takes guard”

  1. Splendid anecdote – I regale myself with it constantly whilst clearing their toxic cack from my garden and replacing the kids toys that they destroy. Disposing of all the disgusting gubbins they drag in is in no way an ‘unprecedented scene’.

  2. Howzat! Can’t wait to pass that on to my cricket-loving in-laws. They need some cheering up after their elderly, deaf cat was destroyed overnight by a fox. Just a few clumps of fur and a collar bell remained – this should buck them up no end.

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