Wanstead walks the walk

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First came the saga of the missing Christmas Tree, so Wanstead folk raised the money. Next came the need for renovations of the playground on Christ Church Green – and, again, the target has been reached. Campaigners are celebrating hitting their crowfunding target of £25k, and are now getting ready for a volunteer clean-up day (see above).

One of the more novel contributions to the fund came from the firm which issues and collects parking tickets on behalf of Redbridge Council. Optimists (such as Wansteadium) will welcome the contribution to the community on behalf of anyone ever caught parking wrongly. Cynics will no doubt claim that a better playground will mean more people wanting to visit and thus park, but that kind of conspiracy thinking REALLY HELPS NO ONE, cynics.

Incidentally, happily the Scout Hut which now has its roof in place has also made it to the final six in the same vote, but in a different category. Potentially both efforts will get a funding injection.

The volunteer day on Wednesday will be organised by Amey, the firm which collects waste for Redbridge, which is sending a team of workers down to help paint fence posts and bins and generally tidy up. More volunteers are welcome too. Refreshments are being donated by the estimable Luppolo.

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  1. Huge thanks to everyone who turned out to help us today. It was hard work, and we’ve not finished yet, but the fence already looks so much better. We’ll hopefully arrange another day to finish it off. Big thumbs up to Starbucks and Luppolo for providing us with coffee and pizza. I’d also like to thank Wansteadium for publicising this and bringing it to the attention of your lovely reader, Jen, who volunteered all day with us.

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