Wanstead weekend photo, CXI

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “At first glance when you look at this picture you will probably think that at last I have slipped off the edge. It looks like a very poor quality photograph indeed. I however like it. The story is, there’s always a story, one of our three local Wanstead garages is closing to make way for a housing development. Sadly it’s located in a really great old building on Church Path which will have to go as I understand it. Fortunately I have photographed the exterior, which you can see here. As I passed by the other day, the doors were firmly shut although I am not sure if they have finally closed. I noticed through the rain splattered windows these two old fashioned oil cans crying out to be pictured. So here you are, garage oil cans through a dirty, rain splattered window. I still like it. I & K Brown, a Wanstead institution, you will be sorely missed by many residents.”

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