Wanstead weekend photo CXXIII

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “Sadly no sign of the eclipse, too much cloud cover but here’s a nice picture anyway…The river Roding forms the eastern boundary of Wanstead. Most people know that it’s there but I’ll bet not that many have seen it in all its beauty. Many people may glimpse it as they drive over the bridge near the Redbridge roundabout but it really is worth a stroll along its banks. This picture shows it passing through Wanstead Park, see what I mean about the beauty.”

4 thoughts on “Wanstead weekend photo CXXIII”

  1. The name Redbridge came from an old medieval crossing of the Roding in Ilford (now the A118 – Romford Road), which was unusually built out of red bricks, also now commonly seen around the closeby Aldersbrook estate.

      1. HI
        I had always thought that the red bridge was the bridge that carried Redbridge Lane over the river Roding (clue in the name and all that). The road was renamed Redbridge Lane East and Redbridge Lane West after the building of the Eastern Avenue (A12) in the early 1930’s when the Red Bridge was replaced with something more substantial. I also understand that he area to the east of the Roding and along what is now Redbridge Lane East has also been known as Redbridge for somewhile (before the tube station arrived).

        It would be interesting to hear others views

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