Wanstead weekend photo, LXXIV

Geoff Wilkinson writes on Wanstead Daily Photo: “At first glance you may think that I took this picture on the beach at Southend or some other pebbled location. It is however, the new surface on the paths of Nightingale Green. For the last few weeks it was thought we would look at a sea of black tarmac. A sigh of relief our new pebbles look wonderful.”

8 thoughts on “Wanstead weekend photo, LXXIV”

  1. I think it shows some imagination from Redbridge Highways Dept rather than just bunging another load of unsightly tarmac down.

  2. Clearly laid by someone who doesn’t:
    (a) use a buggy;
    (b) have a child who uses a scooter; or
    (c) have a child who uses a bike.

  3. The latest addition of the pebbles is most effective . Such a shame the appaling level of Garden maintainence carried out yesterday the 18 th of March by the Gardening !!!! Staff real;ly dreadfull . Not even picked up the rubbish from the Beds scratched a little pile of weeds up and left them and also managed to break the side window of a neighbours car leaving the broken glass all over the Pavement !!!! The New Pavement !. Really poor show Guys , what ever happened to pride in your work . The Green Looks Awfull. The Beds look tatty !!! why oh why does no one care after all this Money has been allegedly spent

  4. I am delighted to see the pebbled path. Well thought out – as they heated the tarmac before laying the pebbles, so we won’t see the gravel diminish over time. Prams and scooters can always take the tarmac pavement around the green – it is not any real hardship REALLY!

    The plant stock looks a little sad – I agree with Noel. Whatever happened to the Wanstead Society group who were going to look after it? And has the Council not heard of a broom? The seem to love blowing everything from crisp packets to the entire leaf load into the gardens of Carlton Terrace. Could do with a little respect for the people who live there….

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